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Beware! A Dirty Scum's About!

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Beware! A Dirty Scum's About!
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Note pinned to a notice board
Common item
Notice board in Kaer Trolde harbor

Contents[edit | edit source]

Good folk of Skellige, last week in the moors I found a man. Not moving a bit, so figured him for a stiff. Turned out he was breathing, but was so drunk he had booze instead of blood in his veins. I did not want him to freeze, for while it may be spring, the nights are still cold, so I took him to my house. The moment he sobered up a bit he drank my whole supply of mead, ploughed my wife and stole my brother's horse. I'm warning you, if you ever meet a drunkard called Odrin, best slay him on the spot and avenge me!