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Y Dynan Bach Têgdwell

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The Y Dynan Bach Têgdwell are described as evil little men who live in Cwm Pwcca, an enchanted valley in Gwynedd, and practice witchcraft. Galahad considers them dreadful creatures. Ciri is not afraid of them, claiming she has several friends among the dwarves.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • In the original (non-translated) work by Sapkowski, they are called "Y Dynan Bach Têg". In Welsh, the almost identical phrase "Y Dynan Bach Teg", means "the fairy little men". The exact quote from the English translation is "One hears of Y Dynan Bach Têgdwell there, evil little men —" Which may have been intended to read "One hears of Y Dynan Bach Têg dwell there, evil little men —"