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Most of the wines described in the Witcher series come from the regions of Toussaint and the Alba river valley. The most famous wines are:

Toussaint wines

Other wines

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[edit | edit source]

Tw3 beauclair white.png Beauclair white is a white wine.
Tw3 dijkstra dry.png Dijkstra dry is a cheap wine.
Tw3 est est.png Est Est is an expensive wine.
Tw3 erveluce.png Erveluce is an expensive wine.
Tw3 mettina rose.png Metinna rosé is a rosé or "blush" wine
Tw3 old wine from Toussaint.png Old wine from Toussaint, a quest item

In the Blood and Wine expansion[edit | edit source]

Sansretour Chardonnay Sansretour Chardonnay
Sansretour Pinot Noir Sansretour Pinot Noir
Butcher of Blaviken Butcher of Blaviken
Chateau de Conrad Cabernet Chateau de Conrad Cabernet
Chateau Mont Valjean Chateau Mont Valjean
Chateau d'Adam Chevalier Pinot Blanc Reserve Chateau d'Adam Chevalier Pinot Blanc Reserve
Count var Ochmann Shiraz Count var Ochmann Shiraz
Duke Nicolas Chardonnay Duke Nicolas Chardonnay
Geralt of Rivia Geralt of Rivia
Fiorano Fiorano
Saint Mathieu Rouge Saint Mathieu Rouge
Guillaume du Bois' soulful wine Guillaume du Bois' soulful wine
White Wolf White Wolf
"Vis la Crac" Wine "Vis la Crac" Wine

In The Witcher computer game[edit | edit source]

This section serves to group together all different wines in the game for easier searching. Clicking on a wine icon points back to the main alcoholic beverages page.

Alcohol Beauclair White.png Beauclair White is a white wine.
Mettina Rose Mettina Rose is a rosé wine.
Toussaint Red Toussaint Red is a red wine.
Alcohol Toussaint Red.png Very Old Wine is an expensive red wine and a quest item.