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Wet letter smelling of soap

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Wet letter smelling of soap
Tw3 scroll3.png
Contains useful information.
Common item
Blood and Wine
In bandit camp, northeast of Fox Hollow, north of Lynx Crag.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
1 crown(s)
0 weight

This letter is found in a bandit camp just outside one of the entrances to Tulasens Caves, along with 360 – 399 crown(s), a silver amber ring, an amateur's armor repair kit, a number of crafting components and some gauntlets

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

You and your rat-diddled helpers deserve a hundred hard flogs to your bare bums for what you got up to last night! I ordered you to prepare EDIBLE fare for our band. After eating that stew you made, even Amaura, who drinks pickle juice by the quart and washes it down with rancid goat milk, was spurting out both ends! What’d you put in there? Dog diarrhea?! If any of you steps anywhere near the pots again, I’ll chop your heads off myself! Tomorrow I want to see your whole sodding kitchen crew by the river! You’re going to wash our hanse’s dung-stained knickers until your knuckles bleed!