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Warehouse of Woe

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Secondary quest
"Warehouse of Woe"
Tw3 warehouse of woe.jpg
Secondary quest
Suggested level
Warehouse by the harbor
Happening upon the scene outside the warehouse
1 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 60 crown(s)
Reason of State

On his way to meet Dijkstra, Thaler and Vernon, Geralt happens on an argument between a dwarf trader and a racist human merchant outside the warehouse. The city guards ask the witcher to intervene.

Inside, Geralt finds a lone nekker, footprints and evidence of a weakened wooden cage.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Geralt can hardly spend a day in even the most seemingly idyllic village without being asked to kill a monster, so it should come as no surprise such requests came to him in Novigrad as well. On one occasion he was asked to clean a warehouse of nekkers. The two owners - a man and a dwarf - blamed each other for attracting the monsters there in a plot to gain sole control over the building.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Kill the monster
  • Search the warehouse for clues
  • You will find a cage that had the bars weakened and footprints that look like they were made by a dwarf.
  • Tell the guardsman what happened in the warehouse
  • If you tell the guard you don't know how the monster got in there, he will take both of them to the Captain to sort it out.
  • If you tell the guard you found a cage, he will ask who let the monster out. At this point you can seal the fate for either the man or the dwarf although the evidence points toward the dwarf. Experience and coin are the same for either choice.

Gallery[edit | edit source]