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Vran Guard

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Icon disambig.svg This article is about statue in the Crypt of Mages in "The Witcher 2". For the fighting guard in the same crypt, see The Guardian. For for the guard in the sewers of Loc Muinne, see The Operator.
A statue of a Vran

The second room in the Crypt of Mages contains a statue of a bipedal lizard (possibly a Vran) in the center, at the base of it is a Forgotten vran sword.

Picking up the sword causes a Vran Guard (simply labelled "Guard") to appear and attack you. It looks like and fights in much the same way as The Operator except that it summons groups of wraiths instead of two gargoyles when invincible. It also does not summon wraiths every time it becomes invincible giving you more opportunities to attack it.

Only once the guard has been defeated, is it possible to move on to the next room.