Vilfrid Wenck

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Commissar Vilfrid Wenck was ostensibly a bailiff in the service of King Henselt of Kaedwen. He was described as taller than Geralt, and easily twice as tall as Yarpen. While he was unremarkably dressed, his movements betrayed long military service and the witcher deduced that he was a professional soldier.

He died as a result of wounds from Scoia'tael arrows when Demavend's convoy was ambushed.

'Geralt, this is Commissar Vilfrid Wenck, in the service of King Henselt of Ard Carraigh, the merciful ruler of Kaedwen.'

Vilfrid Wenck was tall, taller than Geralt and near twice the dwarf's height. He wore an ordinary, simple outfit like that worn by greeves, bailiffs or mounted messengers, but there was a sharpness in his movements, a stiffness and sureness which the witcher knew and could faultlessly recognise, even at night, even in the meagre light of the campfire. That was how men accustomed to wearing hauberks and belts weighed down with weapons moved. Wenck was a professional soldier. Geralt was prepared to wager any sum on it. He shook the proffered hand and gave a little bow.

— pg(s). 111, Blood of Elves (UK edition)