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Vera Loewenhaupt

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Vera Loewenhaupt was a merchant first introduced in Blood of Elves where she was described as one of the people in attendance at Dandelion's concert beneath Bleobheris. She and her sons ran a wickerware business, "Vera Lowenhaupt and Sons".

She recounted that she first met Geralt of Rivia in Vizima when he lifted the princess' curse, and then again later on the Merchants' Trail when the witcher slew a griffin which had been preying on caravans.

Vera and likely her sons, sadly, met a grisly end somewhere along the road east Brokilon.

They stopped by the last wagon of a devastated column. It had been pushed into the ditch, and was resting on the hub of a shattered wheel. Beneath the wagon lay a stout woman with an unnaturally twisted neck. The collar of her tunic was covered with rain-washed streaks of coagulated blood from her torn ear, from which an earring had been ripped. The sign on the tarpaulin pulled over the wagon read: 'Vera Loewenhaupt and Sons'. There was no sign of the sons.
— pg(s). 73, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)