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Vanadain in The Hexer.

Vanadáin is an elf of Blue Mountains and Dol Blathanna.

He appeared in the short story The Edge of the World, playing Dandelion's lute, wearing a jacket decorated with feathers.

"... the tall Seidhe who, not bothering to check Geralt's knots, was strumming away at Dandelion's lute with an expression of indifference on his long face."
— pg(s). 192, "The Edge of the World", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

In the Polish Movie and TV series[edit | edit source]

In the episode 7 of The Hexer TV series, Dolina Kwiatów, based on the short story, Vanadáin appeared, too, strumming Dandelion's lute, but the name of the actor was not given.

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