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Jarl of Spikeroog
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Clan Brokvar
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Udalryk is Jarl of Clan Brokvar on Spikeroog. He has a child named after his brother, Aki.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Jarl Udalryk was an enigmatic figure to say the least. Some mysterious ill surrounded him, causing others to shirk his company.
Geralt could not help but notice that Udalryk did seem to be acting strangely, muttering to himself often and showing signs of suppressed panic, as if he lived in constant fear of something - or someone.
Geralt's private talk with the jarl confirmed the rumors. Udalryk was convinced the gods spoke to him, sending him prophetic dreams and demanding he make sacrifices.
The tale of the strife between Udalryk and his brother Aki over the family sword threw new light on the jarl's mysterious problems. That the voices he heard demanded he injure himself suggested a vengeful spirit was involved.
Udalryk's madness deepened ever more, finally prompting him to pluck out his own eye as payment for unspecified sins.
If Geralt uses "the Witcher way" to kill the Hym:
In the end Geralt's determination and skilled use of his witcher blade saved the day by freeing the jarl from the wraith that was tormenting him. With this, Udalryk could finally know peace.
If Cerys tricks the Hym to save Udalryk:
In the end Cerys' ingenuity freed Udalryk from the wraith that was tormenting him. With this, the jarl could finally know peace.

Associated quests[edit | edit source]