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Tuzik lived with his only surviving daughter Milena in a small village in Geso. When the Rats passed through their village and patronizingly tossed money at the villagers' feet, Tuzik was the only one who didn't join the humiliating spectacle. He disdained the hypocrisy of his fellow villagers who had previously reviled the criminals' deeds only to burst into praise when they received a pittance.

Ciri, disguised as Falka, nearly injured the man for his open disdain of her band and only settled for pushing him against a fence when Mistle called her off.

Later the same afternoon, a unit of the Blacks from Fen Aspra on the trail of the Rats, arrived in the village. They asked the villagers for clues but the locals denied having ever seen them. If one of the soldiers had asked Tuzik, the villager would have told him the truth. But no-one asked him.

Shortly after, and to Tuzik's horror, he found his beloved daughter immitating Ciri/Falka and was driven to beat her for the first time ever.

Tuzik is a minor character in Baptism of Fire.