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Trophy stats mod

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This mini-mod will give slight bonuses to the trophies you pick up in the game. Now you will have a reason to keep them rather than sell them for gold.

Here are the stats:

Trophy Stats
Teyu's head Increases power of symbols by 10%.
Alghoul head Damage dealt by witcher fighting styles are increased by 10%.
Cockatrice head Increases the number of hit points by 50 points.
Wolf's head Increases endurance by 50 points.
Head of a wyvern female Increases resistance to bleeding by 10%.
Cemetaur head Increases resistance to pain by 10%.
Archespore head Increases resistance to poison by 10%.
Garkain head Increases resistance to stun by 10%.
Bruxa's head Increases dealt damage by 10%.
Drowned dead's head Decreases received damage by 10%.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This mod might not work with previously saved games, you may have to create a new game.

Installation[edit | edit source]

  • You can download the mod here.
  • Put both files in the DATA\OVERRIDE directory. If there is not an OVERRIDE directory, just create one.