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The Descent
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Toderas is a location in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is a village situated in The Descent, a region in eastern Velen.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Village founded by King Griffin of Temeria, the husband of Clarissa of Toussaint. The king had planned to turn Toderas into a large, bustling university city, a sort of Temerian alternative to Oxenfurt, but, as any visitor can quickly attest, his efforts failed utterly.

Notes[edit | edit source]

When Geralt first enters the village he meets two groups of villagers/marauders trying to divide the loot. He can either call them monsters, then he'll have to kill all of them and take all the loot for himself, or propose them to divide the loot equally, then they'll kill one another and Geralt takes most of the loot, though some of them survive the slaughter. This event is marked by an exclamation mark on the map, though it doesn't spawn any quest.