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Tobias Hoffman

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Tobias Hoffman
People Tobias full.png
Headman / Mayor
Eye color
Hair color
Murky Waters village
Alina (daughter)
Celina (daughter)

Tobias Hoffman is the mayor and chief of the village of Murky Waters. He has two daughters, Alina, the bride to be, and Celina, her jealous older sister, and is looking forward to having Julian, a rich merchant from Kovir, as his son-in-law. He considers Adam, whom he knows to be infatuated with his daughter, to be a fool.

He has a fairly peculiar manner of speaking and seems to like choosing nicknames for people. He continually refers to the witcher as "Beastie baiter", how colourful... His other hobbies include dice poker. He is a professional level player.

During the day, he can be found at his house, or rather one of his houses, if the innkeeper is to be believed. He is usually inside, but occasionally goes outside for a breath of fresh air. When asked about witcher work, he mentions that he will pay for the heads of Teyu and Ureus, monsters currently plaguing the peaceful surroundings.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Tobias may sometimes choose to sleep in Celina's house instead.