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Thierry Pires' journal

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Thierry Pires' journal
Tw3 book brown3.png
Contains useful information.
Common item
Blood and Wine
On a corpse in Belgaard Vineyard, at the site of a vineyard infestation.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

This journal is found in the remains of a (presumably) Thierry Pires, along with some Toussaint Ducal Guard Captain's trousers, in a vineyard infested by endregas. The body and its contents are next to the endrega nest.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

[Part of a journal, only latest entries legible, remaining pages stuck together with dried blood]
I cursed every day I had to grovel and toil for Count Crespi. Now I curse every day I cannot serve him. Now I know why he was so harsh, so domineering, so quick to anger. One cannot remain calm and good-natured when so many troubles crop up every day in one vineyard! Now I, as steward of Belgaard, must deal with each of them… The geologist the count hired before his tragic death has disappeared. With him went the hefty sack of crowns we sent him and the study we had hired him to complete. Tilly Field is infested with giant centipedes, and a breathless page just ran up to inform me something’s attacked the northern vines. Enough writing, I’m off to see what all the panic’s about…