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The Witcher 3 controls

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Default keyboard assignment[edit | edit source]

Forward W key
Back S key
Left A key
Right D key
Run/Sprint/Canter/Gallop/Swim fast/Accelerate boat Left shift key
Interact, Dismount E key
Surface/Climb/Jump/[Hold] Roll Space key
Lock on target Z key
Quick access menu Tab key
Cast sign Q key
Call horse X key
Stop/Reverse boat S key
Dive/Submerge/Sheathe sword C key
Hide/Unhide HUD Home key

Default mouse assignment[edit | edit source]

Fast attack Left mouse button
Strong attack Left mouse button + Shift key
Quick access item/Crossbow Middle mouse button/Scroll wheel
Witcher Senses/Parry/Counterattack Right mouse button
Use Charge (as Ciri only) Left mouse button

Quick actions[edit | edit source]

Consumables slot 1 R key
Consumables slot 2 F key
Consumables slot 3 T key
Consumables slot 4 Y key
Draw steel sword 1 key
Draw silver sword 2 key
Select Aard 3 key
Select Yrden 4 key
Select Igni 5 key
Select Quen 6 key
Select Axii 7 key
Change quest objective  V key
Character panel  K key
Inventory panel I key
Map M key
Game menu Space key
Quests panel J key
Meditation screen  N key

Console controls[edit | edit source]

Tw3 console controller.png

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