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The Witcher 2 trophies

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Trophies are items equippable in the inventory. They have unique properties but only one can be worn at any one time.

Image Name Statistics Sell

Arachas trophy

Arachas trophy Vitality+25
Damage+3 – 4
Damage bonus on signs +2
24 oren(s) 2
Endrega trophy Endrega trophy Armor+3 6 oren(s) 1
Draug trophy Draug trophy Armor+5
61 oren(s) 4
Drowner trophy Drowner trophy Vitality+15 9 oren(s) 1
Elthon's trophy Elthon's trophy Armor+1
Damage dealt to humans +1%
Damage bonus on Signs +1
8 oren(s) 2
Kayran trophy Kayran trophy Armor+3
51 oren(s) 5
Bullvore trophy Bullvore trophy Armor+8 15 oren(s) 2
Troll trophy Troll trophy Damage+9 7 oren(s) 2
Wraith trophy Wraith trophy Damage+6 3 oren(s) 2
Nekker trophy Nekker trophy Damage+1 2 oren(s) 1
Harpy trophy Harpy trophy Armor+4 8 oren(s) 1
Gargoyle trophy Gargoyle trophy Armor+7
22 oren(s) 2
Rotfiend trophy Rotfiend trophy Vitality+20 13 oren(s) 2
Elemental trophy Elemental trophy Vitality+15
Damage bonus on Signs +5
20 oren(s) 2
Draugir trophy Draugir trophy Vitality+15
Damage +5
14 oren(s) 3
Werewolf trophy Werewolf trophy Armor+1
Damage +9
Damage dealt to humans +1%
Damage bonus on Signs +1
17 oren(s) 1
Golem trophy Golem trophy Armor+10
Damage +13
31 oren(s) 5
Medal of Distinguished Service to Temeria Medal of Distinguished Service to Temeria Vitality+15
Damage5 – 11
16 oren(s) 5