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The Witcher 2 gameplay

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Difficulty[edit | edit source]

There are five difficulty levels available in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings:

  • Easy – for inexperienced gamers. Geralt meets weaker opponents and receives less damage, while he himself deals more damage. Most battles can be won using only a sword.
  • Normal – for mid-advanced gamers. The opponents’ levels are normal. The gameplay is balanced. Most battles can be won using a sword and magical signs.
  • Hard – for very experienced gamers. Opponents deal high damage, and it's harder to acquire items. Many battles require the use of a sword, magic and alchemy.
  • Dark - like Insane, but it is possible to load a saved game after Geralt dies. In addition, there is special chapter-specific set equipment for Geralt which potentially makes the game easier if they are gathered and equipped.
  • Insane – for unusually skilled gamers who expect an extremely high difficulty level. Opponents deal very high damage and no saved game can be loaded if Geralt dies. This difficulty level is harder than High.