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The Witcher 2 controls

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Action[edit | edit source]

Forward W key
Back S key
Left A key
Right D key
Walk Shift key
Interact Left mouse button / Right mouse button
Use medallion Z key
Quick menu Ctrl key
Special action F key

Combat[edit | edit source]

Draw steel sword / additional weapon 1 key
Draw silver sword 2 key
Next sign 3 key
Next quickslot 4 key
Cast Aard 5 key
Cast Yrden 6 key
Cast Igni 7 key
Cast Quen 8 key
Cast Axii 9 key
Sheathe sword 0 key
Make a swift blow Left mouse button
Make a strong blow Right mouse button
Use a sign Q key / Middle mouse button
Use a quickslot item R key
Block E key
Special ability (Adrenaline) X key
Lock on to target Alt key
Roll Space key
Roll forward W keyW key
Roll back S keyS key
Roll left A keyA key
Roll right D keyD key

Panels[edit | edit source]

Inventory I key
Journal J key
Map M key
Character C key

Other[edit | edit source]

Exit game Esc key
Quickload F9 key
Quicksave F5 key
HUD toggle H key
Control toggle Insert key