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The Witcher 2 combat

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Combat is an inseparable part of a Witcher's profession, so you will have many chances to perfect your fighting abilities in-game.

Drawing a weapon[edit | edit source]

Casting signs[edit | edit source]

To cast signs, first the desired sign must be selected from the quick menu, which is activated with the "Ctrl" key. Then use the "Q" key to cast.

Ranged weapons[edit | edit source]

These include bombs and daggers. In order to use them, they must be placed in the pockets (or quickslots) and then thrown using the "R" key. To aim them, hold down the "R" key until cross-hairs appear, then release it.

Movement[edit | edit source]

Movement in combat is not drastically different from regular movement. You can move Geralt using the W key, S key, A key, and D key keys. You rotate the camera using the mouse so as to have the best view of in-game events.

Rolling[edit | edit source]

Rolling is an important maneuver, as it helps to quickly avoid blows or increase or decrease the distance to an enemy. Rolling forward is done by pressing the SPACE key. Pressing an appropriate movement key (W key, S key, A key, and D key) twice will result in a roll in the selected direction.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Steel and Silver swords, typical weapons of the witchers, are available in-game. Steel swords are more effective when fighting sentient races, while silver ones are used against monsters. It may turn out that you'll have to use an improvised weapon - a pick or an axe - and in rare circumstances even your fists.

Fistfight[edit | edit source]

Fistfights are a timed-event type minigame in addition to dice poker and arm wrestling. Although some fistfights are quest related and cannot be avoided, they are not to be confused with actual combat.

Press the letters W key, S key, A key, and D key as they pop up in game during this fistfight. If you're fast enough, you can't lose.

Fistfighting quests[edit | edit source]