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The Vodyan Priest

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"The Vodyan Priest"
People Friendly Vodyanoi priest full.png
Murky Waters
killing Teyu
800 oren(s) + 7000 XP
Trophy quests

Secondary quest Trophy hook 2.png

The Vodyan Priest is one of nine optional trophy quests. This quest is obtained by killing Teyu, a vodyan cleric which Tobias Hoffman says is killing villagers in the fields. Only one trophy quest, The Beast of the Sewers, is not optional, making a total of ten.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Trophy Teyu.png

Tobias Hoffman, the mayor of Murky Waters, tells you about the vodyan priest by the name of Teyu in the Fields. This quest is not to kill the friendly Vodyan priest, but another Dagon worshipping priest, Teyu, currently marauding in the fields near a small lake. He is usually accompanied by two warriors.

As a vodyan priest, he has the ability to heal himself and his entourage which adds a little complexity to the battle, but not too much! As usual the witcher prevails and can return the head of the "beast" for a healthy reward.

Phases[edit | edit source]

The Vodyan Priest[edit | edit source]

For some strange reason, the vodyan priest was attacking defenseless people and had to die. I should take proof of having killed him to the village chief and claim the reward. I need to take the proof of having killed the vodyan priest to the village chief.

A Reward[edit | edit source]

I gave the proof to the village chief and claimed the reward. I received my reward for the trophy. (800 oren(s) + 7000 XP)

Video[edit | edit source]