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The Royal Air Force

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Treasure hunt
"The Royal Air Force"
Tw3 hos the royal air force.jpg
Treasure hunt
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Vikk Watchtower
Finding a notebook and a key on a body near watchtower entrance
Diagram: Pyerog runestone,
New Moon trousers

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Another day, another corpse – and, the witcher suspected, another document revealing the tale of the deceased's demise. He was not mistaken.
Nicolas Vogel's laboratory notebook described the experiments the mad mage had conducted on harpies and also mentioned a hidden stash of coin. The chest's contents would be no use to Nicolas in the afterlife, so Geralt decided to secure them for himself.
He found the treasure chest atop the ruined tower. After emptying the thoroughly pecked container of its contents, the brave witcher continued on his Path.

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