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The Puffins

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The Puffins
Tragedycomedy posters 01.png
The Bits, Novigrad

The Puffins are a Novigrad-based performing troupe who can be recruited to help out with the play during the quest "The Play's the Thing". The troupe is comprised of four members: a human juggler, an elven comedienne named Nissa, an elven comedian, and a human comedienne. Before they agree to help, however, they ask that the witcher get rid of the threat posed by some thugs lead by a man named "Fatso". The gang was hired by the Church of the Eternal Fire after the troupe performed a fateful ballad about "Holy Hemmelfart, who his faith ignores, gorges himself, diddles old whores".

Their base of operations is located in The Bits district of Novigrad, near the house with Triss' apartment.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Puffins' performance[edit | edit source]

After Geralt helps the Puffins to get rid of Fatso's thugs, they would advertise the upcoming Doppler's Salvation play in the street with their performance:

"The Doppler's Salvation" -
Will the fiend be redeemed?
Bring your friends, bring your lovers!
See adventures undreamed!

Ladies, gentlemen,
Rabble knowing but the vernacular,
Cravers of all things
Exciting, spectacular!

Irina and the Foxen
Invite you to behold,
A pageant, a play,
You will be o'erbowled!

Come at sundown! Come to laugh,
Come to cry tears galore!
You'll spare no applause,
"Bravo" you will roar!

Dopplers and love
And betrayal most wicked!
Want to know more?
Go buy a ticket!

"The Doppler's Salvation" -
Will the fiend be redeemed?
Bring your friends, bring your lovers!
See adventures undreamed!

Star crossed lovers.
He a doppler, she a...
Shh... Your lips you must seal!
Leave the Foxen something to reveal!

I tell you, Novigradians,
You'll cry as if cutting onions!
What am I saying -
As if the onions were cutting you!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The elven comedian performs as a fire breather, when Geralt meets Puffins announcing the play for The Foxen in the street.
  • He is not present during the dialogs with the troupe in The Play's the Thing, but he answers to Geralt in Nilfgaardian, when addressed directly.

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