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Professor's report

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Professor's report
Quest Items Professors report.png
These writings, ripped from the kikimore queen's carcass, are all that remains of the Professor...
Quest item
Provides some Journal entries
The Professor

This is a quest item which, along with a letter are all that remains of the murderer known as the "Professor".

Content[edit | edit source]

Professor's Report
...Regrettably I must question the benefits of our alliance with Princess Adda. That slut is extraordinarily spoiled and very difficult to persuade. She proved incapable of introducing an effective state of emergency and her ham-fisted forgeries set the witcher on her trail. We will stay true to our word and encourage Adda's delusions for the time being. However, with Foltest returning shortly, we should proceed with the second part of our plan. I presume I will myself resolve the problem with Geralt of Rivia — quickly and in a radical fashion.
However, I must insist you cease referring to him as a "son-of-a-bitch" — appellations of that nature are entirely inaccurate, inappropriate and painfully primitive.
As expected, the substances which were delivered allow us to control the kikimores and their mother. At least the laboratory is working properly, making valuable use of the secrets of Kaer Morhen.

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