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The New Order

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The New Order
Tw3 notice board note 1.png
Note pinned to a notice board
Common item
Notice board in White Orchard village

Contents[edit | edit source]

This Thursday, all peasants living nearby are invited to come listen to Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve speak on the subject of laws soon to be introduced in these lands by writ of Our Most Gracious Sovereign, Emhyr var Emreis. Attendance is not obligatory, but every resident of White Orchard should partake of this opportunity to learn what rights they will enjoy and duties they will have under the new order.
Good Folk! You no longer live in a barbarous land, where every man does as he sees fit. You are now part of the great Empire of Nilfgaard. Nilfgaardian law now protects you, yet it also ascribes you new obligations. Imperial forces have brought you the torch of enlightenment – grab hold of it, and your dark age shall soon give way to a bright new era!