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The Lonesome World Guide to Ard Skellig

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The Lonesome World Guide to Ard Skellig
Tw3 lonesome world guide.png
Reading this guidebook will unlock certain Fast Travel points in Skellige
Common item
Base price
300 crown(s)
Price to buy
300 crown(s)
Price to sell
42 crown(s)
0 weight
Console ID

This guide can be purchased from the following merchants:

Reading it unlocks the following fast travel points:

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

What time of year is the best for visiting Ard Skellig? Any time. To whom is such a sojourn recommended? To anyone who seeks adventure, craves miraculous views and adores charming villages. These last Ard Skellig has in spades: it is the most densely-inhabited isle in the archipelago, though this does not mean it lacks virgin forests or untrammeled landscapes. Particularly worthy of a visit are the villages of Rannvaig, Arinbjorn and, last but not least, Holmstein, one of the most important ports in all the Isles.
Anyone lucky enough to enjoy the sea voyage to Arinbjorn will surely notice the majestic lighthouse guiding ships to its harbor. Built at the behest of the famed Jarl Skjordal, it constitutes one of the most fascinating spots on the isle and offers breathtaking views of the entire region.
The most spectacular vista on Ard Skellig, however, must certainly be that of Kaer Trolde, a fortress cut out of the mountain overlooking the bay and serving as home seat to the powerful an Craite clan. According to legend, Grymmdjarr, mythical Skellige hero and founder of Clan an Craite, carved the fortress with his bare hands (for more on this, see the "History" and "Culture" sections).

Note[edit | edit source]

  • This item weighs 0.01 in the shop inventory and 0.06 in Geralt's inventory.

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