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The Last Stand

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The Last Stand was an adventure mod currently being developed by the Ifrit for The Witcher. Development is currently suspended.


Some time ago we began working on our biggest project so far — an adventure called The Last Stand. Sapkowski's fans should be pleasantly surprised as the forests of Brokilon will be where the action in this mod takes place, a location completely different from what we have seen previously in the game. Of course, these new locations have not been created yet — we are building them from scratch, while trying at the same time to make them as faithful to the ones described in the stories, the saga and other sources, as possible. Apart from new areas to discover, new models provide quite a challenge for our graphic designers — models for buildings, fauna and of course creatures living in these ancient woods.

We are aware, game players, that we must present something quite astonishing and showing our usual flare but not over the top. The story we plan to tell is based on facts laid out by Andrzej Sapkowski in his novels, thus it revolves around the issues that trouble this region. We have spent a lot of time on the creation of the plot alone. Suffice to say that the “shortened” script still weighs in at a whopping 25 pages and, due to this fact, we decided to divide the game into three acts.

Over the course of the adventure, the player will meet the dryads and other creatures of the forest, Scoia'tael commandos and the representatives of the kingdoms neighbouring Brokilon forest, Verden and Brugge. The work on The Last Stand will still take us some time, but even now we can say that we have raised the level of our game.