The Great Migration

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The Great Migration
Origin story of the Aen Seidhe and the Aen Elle. Highly apocryphal.
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Journal entry[edit | edit source]

We had a different home, once. Once we were one folk, the Aen Undod. But then came winter, death and destruction. We had to leave. The road was long and difficult. Many lost the path, others, their minds, and still others, their lives.
We came to a crossroads. One trail led to a world bursting with green, the other - to the mountainous isles the dh’oine later called Skellige. We could not agree where to go, where we would be safer, further from the White Frost. We split. Those who dwelt amidst the cliffs and rocks are called the Aen Seidhe. Those who built new homes in the land of forests are known as the Aen Elle.
We were the same, once. Now we are other. We look for each other in the stars. We speak to each other through the mouths of the Aen Saevherne. We listen to ballads about the proud Aen Elle folk. We mourn the fate of the Aen Seidhe, enslaved by the dh’oine. We remember the olden days. We await the White Frost and the next migration - or our death.