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The Drakenborg Redemption

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Treasure hunt
"The Drakenborg Redemption"
Tw3 hos the drakenborg redemption.jpg
Treasure hunt
Hearts of Stone
Suggested level
Bloodrot Pit
Finding a body with a bent key and a yellowed letter
456 florens
Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price (proximity)

The Drakenborg Redemption is one of the quests available in Hearts of Stone.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

While traveling near Novigrad, Geralt happened across the body of an unfortunate wretch who had stumbled into a cave full of arachnomorphs. In his pockets was a yellowed letter.
The letter was from a thief informing his partner about where he had hidden their takings. To their great misfortune, the damp cave he had chosen was also home to monstrous spiders, who'd made the treasure's hiding spot the very heart of their lair…
The letter told the truth – Geralt found the hidden treasure and kept a one hundred percent finder's fee for himself.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Read the letter
  • Search the cave for a chest using your Witcher Senses

Gallery[edit | edit source]