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The Cockatrice Inn

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The Cockatrice Inn
The Cockatrice Inn
Blood and Wine
Sansretour Marsh, south of Dulcinea Windmill
Fast-travel point Boat Notice board Innkeep (The Cockatrice Inn)

Fast-travel point Boat

Map description[edit | edit source]

There was a time when the Cockatrice’s owner, Adam de Guy, loved to recount the tale of how the inn got its name. In his youth, his story went, he served as squire to a knight errant and together they defeated a bloodthirsty cockatrice. The beast’s head decorated the auberge’s entrance for many years until a certain traveler from Oxenfurt ascertained it was unfortunately but a rather amateurish hobbling together of pheasant, weasel and pig parts. His pride wounded, de Guy took down his trophy, but the inn kept its name.

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