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Tesham Mutna Ruins

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Tesham Mutna Ruins
Tesham Mutna Ruins
Blood and Wine
South of Francollarts.
Fast-travel point

Fast-travel point

The ruins of Tesham Mutna bear bloody memories of Toussaint's vampire inhabitants. They are also guarded by a beann'shie.

Map description[edit | edit source]

It is widely accepted that vampires came into our world during the Conjunction of the Spheres. They quickly spread across all the Continent, trying to adapt to their new situation. According to legend, one of them, Khagmar, settled in Toussaint. Grim tales are whispered about his deeds, but whether he truly even existed is hard to say. The tales do agree on one thing, however: Khagmar’s story is inextricably tied to the mysterious fortress known as Tesham Mutna.

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During La Cage au Fou this armor set becomes available:

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