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Termes Palace Ruins

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Termes Palace Ruins
Termes Palace Ruins
Tw3 toussaint map termes.png
Blood and Wine
Caroberta Woods
Fast-travel point Place of power

Fast-travel point Place of power Cave entrance / dungeon

Also see the Elven Sanctuary Ruins to the southeast.

Map description[edit | edit source]

Toussaint was once a land of elves. The ducal palace is the most prominent remnant of that era, but it is not the only. The Aen Seidhe left behind a great many smaller and larger structures whose function can today only be guessed at. An example of this are the Termes Palace ruins, which some tie to the legendary resting place of the last elven king, while others consider them a temple to some forgotten deity. What they were in truth, we shall never know.

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