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Template-info.png Documentation

The template fetches the minimum price for an item. It is primarily used in the {{Infoboxitem3}} template, but can also be used directly, provided correct parameters are employed. It returns the price in integer value, without further formatting. See below for more details.


Parameters in the template call are separated with |. All parameters are required for the template to work as intended.

No. Name Required? Description
#1 Type of service Yes check.svgY The type of service. Options are:
  • sell
  • buy
#2 Base price Yes check.svgY The item's base price (in Geralt's inventory). For example: 100.
#3 Tags Yes check.svgY This is a field in the infobox code that isn't printed to screen, but is required by the template. It contains "tags" used by the game. When used on item pages, only use {{#var:tags}} as parameter value, to ensure correct info is passed. Though technically it is also possible to use entries such as mod_weapon, mod_valuable.


* {{Minprice|sell|100|mod_weapon}} {{crowns}} * {{Minprice|sell|100|mod_armor}} {{crowns}} * {{Minprice|sell|100|mod_armor, mod_legendary, mod_origin_nilfgaard}} {{crowns}} 


Data source

The data material is taken from the economy_tagmodifiers.csv file. To access this file, it is required to uncook the game files first. The file contains a matrix of values, which represent different factors that affect the final price when Geralt sells or buys items from merchants in the game. This includes the type of item (for example armor, weapons or alchemy ingredients), the type of merchant (for example armorer or blacksmith) and the location of the merchant.

Formulas in the template uses values from the cells marked in red in the below image.

Economy tagmodifiers.png
Data from the "economy_modifiers.csv" file
Please click for a larger version.

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