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This is an infobox template for the books of the Witcher series by Andrzej Sapkowski.


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The Last Wish
The Last Wish 2.jpg
Publication information
Ostatnie życzenie. SuperNOWA, 1993
Short story collection
Gollancz, June 2007 (UK)
Orbit, May 2008 (US)
978-0-575-07782-9 (UK)
978-0-316-02918-6 (US)
Preceded by
Followed by
Sword of Destiny
German: Der letzte Wunsch. Heyne, 1998. Italian: Il Guardiano degli Innocenti. Nord Edizioni, 2010. French: Le Dernier Vœu. Bragelonne, 2003.
|title        = The Last Wish
|image        = The Last Wish 2.jpg
|otitledate   = [[:pl:Ostatnie życzenie|Ostatnie życzenie]]. SuperNOWA, 1993
|type         = Short story collection
|published    = Gollancz, June 2007 (UK)<br>Orbit, May 2008 (US) 
|isbn         = 978-0-575-07782-9 (UK)<br>978-0-316-02918-6 (US)
|preceded_by  = -
|followed_by  = [[Sword of Destiny]]
|translations = [[File:Flag_germany.png|25px|link=:de:Der letzte Wunsch|German: Der letzte Wunsch. Heyne, 1998.]] [[File:Flag_italy.png|25px|link=:it:Il Guardiano degli Innocenti|Italian: Il Guardiano degli Innocenti. Nord Edizioni, 2010.]] [[File:Flag_france.png|25px|link=:fr:Le Dernier Vœu|French: Le Dernier Vœu. Bragelonne, 2003.]]