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Template-info.png Documentation

Set the colour of the text explicitly (not recommended usually). The template replaces the HTML tag

<font color=...>...</font>,

using the any valid HTML colour names e.g. pink, or colour codes e.g. #FF8000 for orange.


The template has 2 parameters:

  • {{color|<colour>|<text>}} - Text is highlighted in pastel yellow, using default font.
  <colour> =  HTML conform colour like "orange" or "#ff8000".
  <text>   =  The text you would like to colour.


{{color|green|This text is green!}}

This text is green!

{{color|blue|This text is blue!}}

This text is blue!

{{color|grey|This text is grey!}}

This text is grey!

{{color|#ff8000|This text is orange!}}

This text is orange!