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This proposed new section heading expands further on the requirements of the quest - namely its start and failure conditions. I realise that this may be covered in current sections already printed, but in the case of contracts and trophies, the information remains elusively scattered. This section would unite all such information under a common header and hopefully eliminate the problem of searching for solid information on the rules of the quests. I leave it up to your discretion, and will understand if you don't wish to open that can of worms.

I'm all for better search results and a useful gathering of data, so sure! make it so :) ... I actually think that this should replace/enhance the Walkthrough section for contracts. for the working titles, here are counter proposals == Longevity (or Terms) == (working title)

Availability (Longevity)[edit source]

  • This quest may be started only in Acts: ...
  • This quest may only be started if ... what condition?

Failure[edit source]

  • This quest will result in a failed quest ... when?
  • This quest may be completed only in Act(s) ... before failure occurs

(PS. What would happen if you took the contract from the notice board, but read it in say, Act II?)

Voided (Void conditions)[edit source]

  • This quest will never be started if ... what condition?
  • This quest will persist unfinished forever if ... what condition?

(This may include not achieving a certain quest phase before advancing to the next Act - e.g. Dice Poker)