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Has anyone encountered a very annoying bug that renders signs unusable? It never happened before, not until I went inside the Old manor and I've just fought the Koshchey without using signs. And now, since I don't have any flint, I can't even light up camp fire to meditate. These are the mods I'm using:

  • Scabbard mod
  • Flash's mod
  • Extreme immersion mod
  • Dark Geralt mod
  • Texture mod
  • Perfect rain mod

The Witcher 1, response to Quen hate.

Aside from the very well known uses of Quen (buying time to change weapons and drink potions and "resting"), the Quen sign is great for buying time to lay Yrden sign on the ground**. I've killed many monsters in single combat by using the combo: 1) Quen ----> 2) Yrden ----> Igni (until enemy makes it past trap). Once the enemy passes the trap or the charges expire, you repeat the cycle starting with Quen.

Also you can win ranged duels quite easily by using Igni ranged attack and allowing it to charge to full under the protection of Quen.

In fact the uses of Quen are quite unlimited and it as versatile as any other sign, and works great with all the others signs. I can tell you lots of stories of how I used Quen, it was the second sign I spent gold on after Igni. It's a great spell for repositioning when you find yourself cornered.

    • This might be a bug, but also 50% likely to be working as intended, but the Quen shield DOES NOT dissappear when the Yrden is casted on the ground and when enemies take damage from it. Sometimes I just cast Quen repeatably to absorb damage while kiting enemies through Yrden without using Igni at all.