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The Witcher 1, response to Quen hate.[edit source]

Aside from the very well known uses of Quen (buying time to change weapons and drink potions and "resting"), the Quen sign is great for buying time to lay Yrden sign on the ground. The shield of Quen remains active after Yrden is casted on the ground and also remains as enemies walk through the Yrden trap.

I've killed many monsters in single combat by using the combo: 1) Quen ----> 2) Yrden ----> Igni (until enemy makes it past trap). Once the enemy passes the trap or the charges expire, you repeat the cycle starting with Quen.

Quen will also allow you to charge up your other signs, I do this most often to fully charge my Aard. You can win ranged duels quite easily by using Igni ranged attack and allowing it to charge to full under the protection of Quen.

In fact the uses of Quen are quite unlimited and it as versatile as any other sign, and works great with all the others signs and allows for very effective crowd control. I cannot think of a single notable encounter in which I haven't used Quen. I believe people were discouraged by Quen because it was relatively weak in chapter 2 compared to the content itself, but it scales quickly after that. Also the Quen charge-up spell itself is quite useful at gold, although I wouldn't prioritize it.

Sometimes you just want to run over dangerous terrain real quick from one destinination to another, just keep your Quen on you and keep running!

The signs were kinda unbalanced in the first game anyway, Igni and Aard were omnipotent, quen yrden and axii only had very few uses, not worth spending talent points in. In The Witcher 2 I found myself to be using all signs except axii at any time. Here, a magic-focused character development and combat style is much more versatile and interesting. Detective Gustafson (talk) 08:01, September 6, 2012 (UTC)