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I'll update the game section once I run into the conversations in which she's mentioned. Or then I'll just wait for others to fill in what I've missed. :) Sadelyrate 16:32, 22 March 2008 (UTC)

"It's suggested that the character with whom Triss Merigold chats with at the very beginning of Chapter 3 is Philippa Eilhart. "

Doubt it, Philippa has dark hair in the books. Ausir 00:50, 23 March 2008 (UTC)

I think it's much safer to assume it's Keira Metz in the mirror. Should we remove this part from the article? {{SUBST:Signature/Arciusazrael|Arciusazrael|General|3=[Arcius]}} 03:56, September 29, 2012 (UTC)

Philippa Eilhart's house and locked box[edit source]

Does anyone know about Philippa Eilhart's house and locked box in the second floor?

It looks like the locked boxes of The Gargoyle Contract, but there are some candle's instead of runes. There is 'Philippa Eilhart's note' in a box in the Phillipa's bedroom, but I fail to know use it to open the box. (actually, how interact with the candle's at all)

I did googling about 'Philippa Eilhart's house' and 'Philippa Eilhart's note' and found only one post which is indirectly related

"The Dragon Scales for Iorveth's path can be found inside the chest in Phillipa Eilharts bedroom in act 3." - lukeskywalker -

('The Dragon Scales' is also available to Roche' path, just for mention)

'The Dragon Scales' and 'Philippa Eilhart's note' are in the same box if I remember correctly, and that's all.

When you choose to lead Philippa out of the Jail, she tells you about a dagger with a counter-spell for the spell on Saskia. That dagger is located inside that chest. You have to light the candles in a special order, which is scribed on a paper on the lower level, and than Philippa casts a spell, locking you inside the area of the candles, and forcing you to fight against some kind of golem, but I may not remember perfectly for this one. She uses this oppurtinity to transform into her owl form, and fleis away. When you have defeated the golem(?), you can finally get that dagger.
Thank for answer, but I don't remember anything about 'choose to lead Philippa out of the Jail' path. Maybe the dagger is not achievable at Roche's path, unlike 'The Dragon Scales'. I will try this when I replay with Iorveth's path, thanks.

You can only save Eilhart on Iorveth's path.