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Talk:Of Monsters and Men

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Stuff to check (Alvin with the Reverend in Act I)[edit source]

  1. speak to the Rev
  2. do not speak to Abigail right away
  3. talk to Declan, get Dead Hand of the Past
  4. complete Dead Hand of the Past

Alvin should be in the chapel after meeting the King of the Wild Hunt

Not always true[edit source]

It's written:

Geralt then fights the Beast in an impenetrable circle of fire, and the Beast summons multiple barghests. Geralt always dies in this battle unless he has previously: i) significantly developed his Ahrd casting skill; ii) obtained Specter Oil and applied it to his blade; iii) has recently swallowed Willow and/or Blizzard potions; or iv) has many Swallow potions and the dexterity to take them during battle. If he has none of these, he will die.

This is certainly not always true. Through three play through's I had, the above applied only once. In the last time, I've reached level 9 by the time of the fight, and used only one time swallow with increased damage, besides that, I had the 2red+blue meteorite sword. Finished the fight quite easily without using Ahrd even once. I think it just requires you to have good strong and group sword skills, while alternating between the two in the fight. When many barghest's close on the PC, he should switch to group and quickly knock them down, then instantly switch back to strong style and keep pounding the beast. For me the whole procedure took about three such rounds, while the beast did drop me to the ground a few times, it still was far from enough to kill the PC. 03:55, October 12, 2009 (UTC)

Thanks for pointing out that paragraph, it was not my addition and i agree, it's hysterical — Game widow 10:05, October 12, 2009 (UTC)