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Sightings[edit source]

  • There should be a sighting near the Reverend, since the hellhound is supposed to show up wherever a crime was committed. (Have not seen this though, yet.)
  • I seem to recall seeing the hellhound appear west of Haren Brogg's house (Fishing Village), just before you enter the village, before you go up the hill (left) with the bridge on the right. The drowners usually show up in this area.
Maybe that appearance whas both for Brogg and the Reverend. — AEon 15:17, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

See Hellhound using a Potion[edit source]

I am not sure where I found this, either in the bestiary or from some NPC talking about the Beast:
  • The Beast can be seen with the help of a potion., will ask a question, if you answer correctly it can be killed.
Hmmm... did not happen that way it seems. The potion in question should be De Vries' Extract... anyone tried this? — AEon 15:46, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

Defeating the Hellhound[edit source]

Use Specter Oil.  Abigail sells it for 30 orens.  Makes killing the hellhound a breeze.