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How to find her?[edit source]

Last chance to give the necklace to Celina to lift the curse is when you meat all together at the hilltop with raspberries in the fields. After that you will not be able to find her. So it's best to visit the hermit before you talk to Dandelion to meat and recite a poem to the corpse-bride and do the "Hunting the Wild Hunt" (which gives you the necklace as one of three possible rewards). I roamed the fields day and night a couple of times after the meeting at the hilltop but could not locate Celina anywhere. I also read on the internet that this is it.

That seems really strange to me because after that meeting and when reentering the fields from any point at any time of day a scripted dialogue with Celina starts, showing in a cutscene her approaching you. She then greets you and you have the two options to help her or to fight her. I do have the Enhanced Edition (international, especially german). -- CompleCCity (talk) 20:46, 8 November 2013 (UTC)