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I would like to move this to Assassin's boots, but I am guessing it would be inconsistent to the rest of the items that has "(crafted)". So before I move this, I would like permission to do so (I don't know who's in charge), and if so, I will try to move each items that has "(crafted)" to the ones without it so it would be consistent. — kd103

1. Main admin, the main contributor and one of the initial creators of this wiki is Game widow (talk). So, she is "in charge". Other "big people" on this wiki you can watch here: Big People, other mere mortal beings called moderators or sysops are here: Mere mortals. Though most of them are absent most of the time. So GW is the one you need to ask. 2. I strongly advice you NOT TO DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. Creating separate pages for "crafted" items, as I understand it, was made on purpose, because they have different stats. So you efforts in combining "crafted" items with ordinary, "non-crafted" items would result in a HUGE rollback of all your edits and wasting your personal time and effort. - John Miles (talk) 16:56, 25 July 2015 (UTC)
Aha.. well, I see now, and you are right. Different stats because non-crafted items are the ones that are found randomly or through loot. It's a good thing I asked first, thank you for saying this, and informing me of who I should ask. I understand that I am merely a new guy here and I shouldn't change too many things even if I want to help, but I would still like to contribute somehow and I welcome, or like even, for people (in charge usually) to correct my edits. However, I will only change, or add as I usually do as I see it, things only when necessary and I aim to make it the same as other pages and be more objective. I will try to ask for permissions when convenient and will not do anything when I'm told not to. I hope this clears some things up because recently I have been editing a lot.
That said, I only do these at my spare time. Meaning I don't think I won't be here long. Eventually I'll move on to other interests. — kd103
Yep, that's exactly the way of positive contributing... I would even give you a cookie if I had one. ) - John Miles (talk) 19:42, 25 July 2015 (UTC)
I didn't create all those separate pages, Tagaziel did, but we do need some way of distinguishing between the found version and the crafted versions of items. However, i'm still not completely satisfied with what we have. I'm beginning to lean towards a page (or at least a section some main item page) for each category of the version (i.e. common, master, magic, relic AND crafted) since the stats vary so widely. For now, having the crafted versions separate does seem useful and of all the stats, those seem the most consistent. So basically, i'm happy to discuss alternative ways of doing this, and i'm sorry for being such a dictator ... i spent years on this wiki, basically by myself before some of the more prolific contributors joined, and that's the reason i take everything about this wiki so seriously, it's sort of "my baby". I do listen to alternative views, even if i don't always run off and implement them — Game widow (talk) 22:30, 26 July 2015 (UTC)