Stoneworker's notes

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Stoneworker's notes
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Common item
Base price
24 crown(s)
Price to sell
7 crown(s)
0 weight
1x Book

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

13 VII 1271
Vimme Vivaldi's order: twenty blocks measuring 40 x 70 x 30, three 55 x 60 x 40.
Note: uniform stone, no inclusions, to be used for bank counters.
Order for the Vegelbuds' residence: five slabs measuring 120 x 80 x 5. Note: polished surface. For decorative purposes.
14 VII 1271
Order fulfilled. Collection arranged for 18 VIII 1271. Payment to be delivered in species.
To purchase: tracer x 3, wooden hammer x 5, leveler x 2, chisel x 4.
18 VIII 1271
Nilfgaard has crossed the border. Jorge did not come to retrieve his order. I've nothing with which to pay the boys for their work. They say they're gathering their tools and going to Novigrad.
20 VIII 1271
The road to Novigrad is closed. Blockades along the Pontar. Redanians on one side, Nilfgaard on the other. The horizon burns at night. Pillars of smoke can be seen during the day. We'll barricade ourselves inside. Others want to join us, but we haven't enough food so we must send them away.
21 VIII 1271
The Redanians are ordering us to open the gates. They want to station a garrison in the quarry. No mention of what will become of us, and war rages all around. They say a major battle is brewing. We're staying put. The Redanian division's small, no siege equipment, and our palisade's strong. Perhaps they will give up and leave.