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The Ghoul Contract

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There are 2 Ghoul Contracts in the game:
:* The first, [[The Ghoul Contract (1)]], takes place in [[:Category:The Witcher Act I|Act I]] in the [[Outskirts]] of [[Vizima]]. Geralt received this quest by reading the notice board which states that [[Kalkstein]], the local alchemist needs some. Technically, this quest could be finished in Act II, but it is probably preferable to finish it during Act I.
:* [[The Ghoul Contract (1)]], for [[Kalkstein]] in Act I
:* The second, [[The Ghoul Contract (2)]], fortakes place in [[:Category:The Witcher Act III|Act III]] and is again acquired by reading the notice board outside the inn. This time it is [[Velerad]] inwho Actwants IIIthe blood.
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