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Sophia or Cophia[1] was inn in Kaedwen, near which witchers of schools of the Wolf and the Cat built their camps.

It appears only in the graphic novel Zdrada (The Betrayal).

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Name of the inn is written in runes. According to a transcription attached to comics, it could be either "Sophia" or "Cophia". The runes are in fact borrowed from runic alphabet called futhork and are used incorrectly - futhork doesn't use digraphs like "ph", so the name should be written as "ᛋᚯᚠᛁᛆ" (Sofia) instead of "ᛋᚯᛒᚼᛁᛆ" (Sophia). It should be also noted that "ᚯ" is actually not "O" but "Ø" or "Ö" used in most of the Scandinavian languages.