Soiled letter

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Soiled letter
Tw3 questitem q702 marlena father letter.png
Farewell letter written by a distraught father.
Common item
Outside on a bench in the northern part of the Trastamara Hunting Cottage main building.
Base price
0 weight

Associated quests[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Marlene, My Dearest Daughter,
You’ve no idea the pain it causes a father to write these words. A father who must abandon his own child ceased to be a father, and his heart shall never know comfort. Sadly, as a result of what has happened I have no other choice. We, along with the rest of the household, must abandon our estate. It is because that curse took you from us, leaving in your stead a mindless, bloodthirsty creature.
We shall go north, to Kovir, and if you ever read this letter (which could only mean you have returned to human form) you are to look for us there. For my part I can only promise each year I will send an envoy who will be tasked with checking in on you, seeing if you are alive and, if so, in what form. Faith that you will once again be my beloved Marlene gives me the strength to live on. Perhaps the curse will not last forever. Perhaps someone will come along you can lift this burden from you.
Your Loving Father