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Sodden note

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Sodden note
Tw3 scroll2.png
Contains useful information
Common item
Looted along with the guarded treasure west of Coast of Wrecks
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

This note is found along with some florens near the guarded treasure due west of the Coast of Wrecks fast travel marker. It is guarded by drowners. Nearby you can find a corpse with Highwayman's notes, which describes how those thugs robbed an "old sod" who possibly was Vessy? Justice caught up with them, when they found their end at the hand of drowners.

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Dear Vessy,
We couldn't afford to pay for ourselves and Patrick, so we've sent the young lad to you. I know things're tough your way, too, that you've three tykes of your own – so know that if I didn't have to, I'd not ask this of you. But here in Velen... well, you wouldn't believe it if I told you.
Please take care of Patrick like your own son. We'll come back for him soon as the war's over. A thousand thanks.
P.S. Patrick's got a sack of coin in his bags – enough to pay his guide what we agreed on. You shouldn't have to add anything of your own.
P.P.S. Patrick's afraid of the dark. If you can, leave a candle burning by his bed.