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Smigole Serkis' notes

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Smigole Serkis' notes
Tw3 scroll1.png
Contains useful information
Common item
In guarded treasure chest north-northwest of Trastamara Hunting Cottage marker.
Base price
0 weight

This note is found at a guarded treasure site northwest of Trastamara Hunting Cottage, along with a spoon made of pure gold, some crafting components and 256 crown(s) and 2 florens.

Associated quest[edit | edit source]

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

I’ve lost him! My dearest! Someone has stolen him, my darling, my treasure, my spoon! That creature from the Caroberta Woods – must have been it! All the help says the town’s abuzz with talk about missing spoons, for much time now, indeed. Since this creature has stolen cutlery from all Beauclair and has not yet been caught by our valiant guard, it means it must be clever. Tricky, even. And anyone clever can be swayed by arguments. Especially financial ones! So I asked my jeweler, Maathenberg, to make me a spoon out of pure gold which I shall take to the Caroberta Woods, to find that monster and propose a trade: a spoon of gold for my most precious spoon!

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