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Treasure hunt
Treasure hunt
Suggested level
Lake on Undvik
Finding a torn piece of paper

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Geralt found some cryptic notes which seemed to be hiding some sort of secret. He decided to investigate further.
...and then the old druid said, "If it really is wisdom and knowledge you seek, take your most valuable possession and put it in a chest. Then sail to Undvik, climb the mountain and walk the ridge. Bow once to each of the four winds, commend yourself to the gods and toss the chest into the sea.
Holvarg did as the druid counseled, then returned to the Sacred Grove. "I tossed the chest in the sea," Holvarg said. "But I don't feel one bit wiser." The druid replied, "That is because there are no shortcuts on the road to wisdom. Neither saying prayers nor making offerings nor listening to the words of wisemen will grant it to you. That is your lesson," Hearing this, Holvarg flew into a rage and strangled the old druid with his bare hands, then stuck his head on a pike and set it out in front of his house, so everyone would know that , while he might not be wise, he was nobody's fool.
The witcher combed the bottom of the mountain lake and found the treasure Holvarg had abandoned there.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Read the notes you found
  • Search for treasure on the bottom of the lake using your Witcher Senses